Ice Pack

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Key Benefits and Actions*

  • Cold pack provides extra protection for sensitive products during shipping
  • Packed with insulating foil wrap to keep products cooler for longer
  • Select expedited shipping for best results
  • Reusable

Ice packs provide an extra layer of protection for your Seeking Health products as the weather gets warmer. 

Consider adding an ice pack to orders including heat-sensitive products when shipping during the summer months or unusually warm weather. Note that our gel ice packs typically stay cool for 24-48 hours during shipping. For best results, choose an expedited shipping method at checkout when shipping products with an ice pack. Overnight and 2-day services are available in most areas within the United States.

While our ProBiota products are freeze-dried for added resilience in hot weather, adding an ice pack with insulating foil wrap during shipping can help ensure that your product arrives in optimal condition. No need to worry if your package arrives with a melted ice pack. The pack usually stays cooler than outside conditions and continues to keep your product cooler even after it melts.

When shipping during warmer weather, use your tracking number to keep tabs on your package and try to be home when your package arrives so you can bring your products inside for refrigeration or cooler storage. Carriers like USPS and FedEx also offer mobile update services to send you text notifications during shipping or when your package has been delivered.


During warmer months, consider cold shipping for:

  • Probiotics,
  • Fish Oils,
  • Krill Oil,
  • Optimal PC,
  • Liposomals