The following are testimonials from emails, thank you cards and letters sent to NutriEnergy and have been published here with the senders consent.  New testimonials welcome!

"NutriEnergy is amazing.  Karen is one of very few professionals who genuinely cares and will go out of her way to help.  I have changed from a very frail person into a 'normal' fun person who can live life to the full.  I would recommend this treatment to both people who are ill or those who wish to maintain and look after their body.  Thanks Karen."  Susie

"Karen, just thought I would let you know that I have reduced Jayden's insulin slightly (giving her less) and her sugar levels have been really good.  Very good news.  So what ever you did seems to have definitely helped!  Thanks for your help."  Karyn


“I came to Karen with a seriously HUGE list of complaints that I had been battling with for many, many years.  Karen took the time to listen, devised a treatment plan for me and within only a month I began to feel like a completely new person, my complaint list had quartered and I felt amazing.  A reassessment was proof of the time taken and treatments given truly did work. I can’t thank her enough for the work she has done for me and I will continue with treatments with her to maintain this fantastic feeling.  Karen really does take the time to listen, is patient and understanding and I am proof that her work is truly amazing!”  Sam

"I have been seeing Karen since March 2009.  I was having a lot of digestive problems and was on anti-depressants.  I am feeling 100% better from then and so I know that the INDIGO is beneficial and would recommend it to everyone!"  Stacey


"After contracting Dengue Fever some 2 years ago, I have not been well with a very low immune system picking up everything going around.  I have been to all sorts of people, trying to find help.  I have finally found a true miracle in Karen.  I feel better than I have in years with so much energy.  Would thoroughly recommend Karen to anyone."  Heather


"As a man of 76 years disappointed in the medical profession, I have gone onto natural remedies and the INDIGO device.  Since then I have had really good health and walk 6km a day.  Anybody with health concerns should not hesitate to try it.  Thank goodness there is another profession other than the medical one.  Many thanks."  Claude.

"I just wanted to thank you Karen for everything you have done for Phoenix.  In his short 9 years he has had endless problems with skin, eczema, allergies and croup up to 8 times a year mostly ending up in hospital (always 3 days of steroids).  Also antibiotics at least 12 times a year.  But since we have been with Karen and followed her treatment plan which was really easy Phoenix now has not been sick for months, not even a cold or tummy bug.  His school report just came home and his attendance is out of the red for the first time in his whole life.  It is amazing how different life is now that Phoenix's health is under control.  We plan trips and holidays and don't have to take a whole bag just for all the "just-in-case" meds with us.  Thank you so much you have truly changed our
lives.  Nikki