Reset and Heal Program

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Cleanse, heal, strengthen and reset every system in your body.  Flood your body with the nutrients it craves, take a load off your digestive and immune systems and allow your body to reboot and finally heal!

About the Rest and Heal Program

So many people are plagued with health concerns which are a constant battle and interfere with their quality of life.  Over the years my clients often report having seen many different health professionals and  therapists who have given them different diagnoses and bottles of pills to swallow with only minimal results.  There are so many mystery illnesses out there that are not really understood and sometimes we are ‘labelled’ with a condition or disease without knowing or treating the “cause”.  Or we have been told there is nothing wrong with us and are sent home still feeling lousy.  Your blood tests come back ‘normal’ and there is no explanation for how rotten you feel.  You begin to think that it is all in your head!  Sound familiar?


My “Reset and Heal Program” is designed to reset the whole body by eating only natural raw foods dense in nutrients and eliminating foods which are hard to digest and cause inflammation in the body.  A program using "food as medicine" and pure natural supplements to correct deficiencies and help fight off active or latent pathogenic micro-organisms so the body can finally heal.  An individualised program which finds the cause, treats the “whole person,” is easy to follow but gets results!


Is the Reset and Heal Program Right for Me?

If you simply want to improve your health or if you suffer from any of the following health conditions then the Reset and Heal Program is for you!
Fatigue    Tiredness    Insomnia    Digestive upsets
Constipation    Diarrhoea    Bloating    Gas
Reflux / heartburn    Nausea    Abdominal pain
Cravings    Weight gain    Candida    Sluggish liver
Leaky gut    Headaches    Migraines    Tinnitus Dizziness    Anxiety    Depression
Restlessness    Frequent colds    Mouth ulcers
Rashes / Itching    Acne    Eczema / Psoriasis
Dry skin    Brittle nails    Thinning hair    Cold sores
Aches and pains    Stiff joints    Cramp    Nerve pain
Tingling / Numbness    Brain fog / Confusion
High cholesterol    High blood pressure
Heart palpitations    Fever    Swollen glands    Recurrent UTI’s   
Bacterial infections   
Viral infections    Fungal infections
And . . . . 
Autoimmune related disorders such as
Fibromyalgia, RA, Lupus, AS, other forms of arthritis,
Neurological problems like MS, epilepsy, RSD, vertigo & ataxia,
Celiac, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, SIBO, IBS
and Hypothyroid (Hashimoto’s) . . . can all improve with the strict adherence to this program and the proper aftercare!

What have you got to lose?  Try the Reset and Heal Program today and improve your quality and quantity of life!

Reset and Heal 5-Step Program

One size does not fit all so your Reset and Heal Program has been designed specifically to address your personal health concerns and lifestyle.  Your program includes the follow steps:


  • Full initial health consultation, physical assessments, biofeedback and iridology to identify inherent weaknesses, body type, organ system function, nutritional deficiencies, digestive concerns, toxicity and identification of any possible underlying infections.   Nothing is forgotten, we cover it all!!!
  • Analysis of your current diet and removal of offending foods.  Allergy testing may also be necessary.
  • Begin the Reset and Heal Introduction Diet and recommended supplementation.  Depending on your current diet you may need 2-3 weeks on this before beginning the full program.  For others, one week will be sufficient.
  • Begin the full Reset and Heal Program.  This should be followed ideally for a period of four weeks but some may need longer.
  • Coming off the Reset and Heal Program, re-introduction of other healthy foods and food challenging. 


Reset and Heal Program


Reset and Heal Package Deal:

This package includes:
  • Initial 90 minute full health consultation
  • Reset and Heal 20 page Program
  • Tips for improving digestion
  • Healing Superfoods to include in your diet
  • Sample Menu Plan and recipes
  • Personalised supplementation program
  • 60 minute follow-up appointment
  • Unlimited email support

PLUS . . . 10% off supplements purchased with the program! 

Valued at over $300, this program is being offered at an introductory price of only $230 (you save $70)!!