Philosophy Statement



Our philosophy is to deliver the best ‘compassionate care’ possible in a way that lets our client’s know they are valued and cared for as individuals. We provide natural holistic complementary therapies and personalized nutritional and lifestyle plans to assist individuals on their path to optimal health and wellbeing.

Here at NutriEnergy we ensure confidentiality, provide a safe and caring environment establishing a patient-practitioner relationship that offers a more comprehensive, personalized and participatory treatment plan to care for the individual in their completeness.  We focus on our client’s feelings and needs and emphasize healing of the whole person not just their symptoms or disease.  Treating a person as “a whole” and not just the physical side involves ensuring their emotional, mental, spiritual, cultural as well as their physical needs are met.


The Consultation Process and Treatment Plan

The initial consultation involves the gathering of a full holistic client case summary with permission from the client to perform the relevant physical assessments if required.   This ensures an effective and safe healthcare plan while also allowing the opportunity for client input into the decided treatment.  Holistic healthcare at NutriEnergy involves dietary and lifestyle changes which aim to optimize health by identifying the risks and minimizing them, anticipating and preventing possible future health problems across the client’s lifespan and providing the support needed for the individual to achieve their health goals.  The use of Natural Medicines such as Bach Flowers, Homeobotanicals and quality supplements may be implemented into the individual’s treatment plan.  Care is taken to ensure patient safety when combining current prescribed Orthodox Medical drugs taken by the client alongside Natural Medicine’s and we consistently work within our boundaries and scope of practice referring when required.


Complementary Therapy Diagnosis

According to the Medicines Act 1981, it is beyond a natural therapist’s scope of practice to diagnose a medical illness or disease.  In Natural Therapy a ‘differential diagnosis’ and ‘working diagnosis’ are decided upon after a comprehensive assessment of the client.  The differential diagnosis is the process of listing and weighing up the probability of all possible causes accounting for a client's illness.  These causes are then listed from most likely to least likely to arrive at the chosen working diagnosis.  The working diagnosis is more a hypothesis on what the underlying or causative factor of the presenting complaint may be and is used to decide upon relevant diagnostic tests and the treatment plan.

“I would rather know the person who has the disease than know the disease the person has.”  Hippocrates


Follow-up Appointments and Ongoing Care

Follow-up appointments are advised to encourage our clients to share their thoughts, experiences compliance and progress with their treatment plan so that it may be fine-tuned for further success and positive outcomes.  At NutriEnergy we pride ourselves in the ongoing care that we provide and our clients are encouraged to contact us with any questions and concerns.