Nutrition and Health Consultations

Nutrition Consultations

During this consultation a thorough profile of the current diet, lifestyle, history, symptoms and concerns are collected and physical examinations (please see below)  are performed to achieve a working diagnosis.  
You will receive dietary, supplement and other pertinent advice suited to your metabolic body-type and particular health issues.  You will also receive the option of a personalised  comprehensive treatment plan to follow which is tailored to best suit your health condition and lifestyle.

Physical Examinations and Health Assessments

Information gathered by the practitioner about the client assists in gaining a clearer picture of the clients health concerns and self-healing potential.  This also enables the practitioner to implement an appropriate treatment plan to support the clients healing on a therapeutic level.

Physical exams and health assessments may include:
  • Blood pressure and vital signs
  • Analysis of the skin, face, hair and nails
  • Testing for nutrient deficiencies
  • Diet and lifestyle analysis
  • Blood type testing
  • Body pH testing
  • Diagnostic blood tests
  • Testing for heavy metals and mineral imbalances
  • Environmental and food sensitivity testing 
  • SIBO breath testing
  • Iridology / sclerology 
  • Biofeedback energy testing 


Treatment Plans

You will receive a basic treatment plan with your consultation but there is the option of a comprehensive plan for those who prefer their healing plan written down in detail step by step (extra cost). If you choose this option then within one week of your appointment you will receive your comprehensive and personalised treatment plan to help you on your healing journey. 

Your comprehensive treatment plan includes:
  • Summary of overall consultation findings
  • Your treatment focus
  • Lifestyle changes to implement
  • Nutritional advice and using foods as medicine
  • Recommended supplements
  • Recipe ideas (if requested)
  • A summary of the next steps in your program if needed

For more complicated health conditions, these treatment plans will come as a three to four step program so as to not overwhelm the client.  An example of this would be someone suffering from toxicity symptoms  where we would need to address the clients diet, lifestyle, nutrient deficiencies, bowel/ liver detoxification and support before beginning heavy metal elimination from the body.

Follow-Up Appointments

A follow-up appointment in two to three weeks is advised to check on your progress and to discuss any concerns.  At this appointment, the treatment plan is adjusted if necessary to ensure the most effective treatment possible.  The next stages of your treatment plan will also be discussed.  Support is available throughout your treatment process via email, text or phone whenever needed.