About Us

Located in beautiful Tauranga, New Zealand NutriEnergy (formerly Bio-Energy-Screen) has been in operation since July 2006.  Our philosophy is to deliver the best ‘compassionate care’ possible in a way that lets our client’s know they are valued and cared for as individuals. We provide natural holistic complementary therapies and personalized nutritional and lifestyle plans to assist individuals on their path to optimal health and wellbeing.

Here at NutriEnergy we ensure client confidentiality, provide a safe and caring environment establishing a patient-practitioner relationship that offers a more comprehensive and personalized treatment plan to care for the individual in their completeness.  We focus on our client’s feelings and needs and emphasize healing of the whole person not just their symptoms or disease.  Treating a person as “a whole” and not just the physical side involves ensuring their emotional, mental, spiritual, cultural as well as their physical needs are met.


Meet Karen

Hi there, thanks for stopping by!! 
My name is Karen and I am the main face behind NutriEnergy.


My love of helping others has stemmed from ill health myself since a teenager.  After reluctantly finishing my career as a beautician and being fobbed off by the medical world with no answers for any of my ailments I began my journey on the road to recovery through self-research within the natural health field.  I have suffered with many health conditions on my journey including inflammatory bowel, coeliac disease and hypothyroidism.  I contracted the Epstein Barr virus in my early thirties and landed in bed with a serious bout of glandular fever.  This really tested my already weak immune system and I was almost bed-ridden for eighteen months with chronic fatigue.  Having all my blood tests come back normal, the medical world were baffled and left me to deal with it! 

I was swallowing so many natural supplements (I rattled) which helped a little but it wasn't until I found my way to a wonderful lady in Whakatane that my life turned around.   After my first session with her QXCI device I walked out of her office with 80% of my energy back!  At the time I was studying to become a natural health practitioner and with the help of this amazing lady, I then went ahead and bought my first biofeedback device called a "SCIO".    I trained in Australia and through correspondence I soon had a Diploma in Quantum Biofeedback and went on to purchase the latest in biofeedback technology called the "INDIGO".

Over the years of working with my clients I have been amazed at how making simple changes to one’s diet and lifestyle can have profound effects on health and I have used this approach with many of my clients along with biofeedback and other health modalities to treat the "whole person".  The words of Hippocrates . . . "Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food" certainly makes sense.

My interest in healthy food actually began many years ago as a teenager when I was employed part time as a Health Consultant and prescribed weight-loss diets and exercise routines for clients.  Twenty four years later, I decided it was time to extend my knowledge and update my skills so I completed a Diploma in Nutritional Sciences through the Naturopathic College of New Zealand and am now a Registered Clinical Nutritionist.  It was because of this that I decided to give a new face and name to my business to incorporate the many natural health modalities I now offer to my clients and hence the name NutriEnergy. My clinic has been running now for well over 15 years and I hope to continue to help people with their health concerns for many years to come. 

Please feel free to explore the website and contact me if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, I would love to hear from you!  Oh and don't forget to "like" us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter!

Wishing you health and happiness always,

Dip. Quantum Biofeedback
Dip. Nutritional Sciences
Cert. Natural Therapies
Cert. SIBO Practitioner
Dip. Beauty Therapy (Distinction)
Dip. Electrolysis (Merit)